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Dr. Rob Neuenschwander, D.C.
Parker University, Dallas, Texas

Doctor Rob Neuenschwander is a Chiropractor at Neu Life Chiropractic in Tomball, TX. If you are struggling with neck or back pain, headaches or migraines, carpal tunnel, sciatica, or any other health condition please contact us today.
Dr. Neuenschwander and his wife Courtney moved back to Harris County after falling in love with the area while visiting family. Although he was born in Houston and grew up in Willis, their small family moved away after completing high school. They enjoy raising their daughter Mackenzie in this beautiful town while taking advantage of its rich community. They have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know many diverse people who live here in the area. Dr. Rob enjoys exercising, nutrition, and spending time with his family and friends who all live in Harris and Montgomery counties.

Dr. Rob became a doctor of Chiropractic from Parker University in Dallas, Texas. He was inspired to become a Chiropractor after witnessing the power of this highly effective natural approach firsthand. While being a patient at one of the largest clinics in the history of the profession, Dr. Rob reclaimed his own health and witnessed healing that most would consider miracles. Chiropractic care helped his wife have the pregnancy and labor she wanted, free of any interventions, free of pain, and a quick delivery of a beautiful baby girl. They continue to use Chiropractic adjustments to keep their family healthy and comfortable. Dr. Rob looks forward to helping you and your family experience the body’s natural ability to heal itself.