This Week Only:

Get the Best Price We’ve EVER Offered for Chiropractic Care, 
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Doctor Rob here with Neu Life Chiropractic.

Wanted to let you know about an INCREDIBLE sale we have going on right now.

For the next few days, you can get our best price EVER on your chiropractic adjustments by taking a “shortcut” into a QuickStart care plan. 

Normally this plan is $200 per month and entitles you to four adjustments per month. BUT

this week only you can lock in the lowest price EVER, $160 per month and you still get 4 adjustments per month.

And if that wasn’t good enough savings, you also get the first month for JUST $80. (Oh, and of course you can cancel any time, there’s no contract or long-term commitment). 

We’ve never made this available before and it won’t last long, so lock in your savings today.

NOW is the time to do the right thing for your health AND get the very best price. Click the button below to get started!

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