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When it comes to your shoulders, you can never be too careful! After all, people tend to spend their days sitting in uncomfortable positions and sleeping on lumpy mattresses. By the time they realize how bad things are getting (and they might not even know!), it’s time to call in for help from our Le Claire Chiropractor at the Knight Chiropractic & Functional health. But first, ask yourself: am I ready for something new? Do I want someone attentive, listens well, and knows what they’re doing? If these questions answer a yes vote, then it is time to visit them today. But first, let me explain how they can help with your shoulder pain.

Shoulder pain 

You may be drinking pain relievers to try and help you manage the pain in your shoulder, but are you sure this is the right thing for it? Painkillers give immediate relief, yes. However, they don’t address what’s causing the problem, leading to even more harm in the long run. Medication can give us temporary relief from our pains. Still, they also mask underlying conditions while not addressing them. So when the medication has worn off, we may still feel the same level of pain as before, so think about that before reaching for a bottle of Tylenol or Advil next time. Seek advice from someone who knows how to remedy these problems like chiropractors because if not dealt with properly, then there might be some serious consequences down the line.

From heads to shoulders, why does it hurt?

The shoulder is a very mobile joint with the ability to move both forward and backward. It also moves in a circular motion, allowing for freer movement of the arm up and away from the body.

The other important one in our body is called the glenohumeral joint because it’s where you have all these muscles coming together around it on both sides – the rotator cuff tendon, biceps muscle group tendons.

The rotator cuff muscles are made up of four tendons that connect them to bone tissue which can be painful or difficult when they’re strained or swollen if not properly cared for.

Being one of the most used parts of the body, shoulder injuries are pretty common and can happen from many different things. One of the most common reasons for a shoulder injury is doing too much manual labor, playing sports such as basketball or baseball, and even repetitive movements like typing on a computer keyboard for hours at a time. Certain diseases can bring about pain that radiates to the shoulder, including neck problems which are also prevalent with age (especially after 60). The soft tissues surrounding our shoulders tend to degenerate over time, making them more susceptible to injury due to natural wear and tear caused by aging.

How chiropractors help in shoulder pain

If you have been experiencing pain in your shoulder, it is likely due to a misalignment of the spine or an injury in your neck. The most common causes for this are injuries that can lead to dislocation and nerve damage, such as after accidental falls. In addition to treating just the symptoms at hand, the examination should also be performed involving nerves, range of motion, and stability of joints which may connect with other parts of one’s body like their back muscles or bones near their pelvis/hips if they’re feeling any unusual discomfort there too (or even numbness).

It is not always the shoulder itself that causes pain. Chiropractors are necessary to look at your neck and spine for any misalignments or injuries in those areas. They will help make sure everything feels right before it heals properly, so there’s no recurrence.

Chiropractors are also specialists in spinal care and can help you with anything from a slipped disc to a pinched nerve. Chiropractic treatment is non-invasive and safe for people of all ages.

Common shoulder ailments a chiropractor can treat

Chiropractors can diagnose and treat various problems by making adjustments to your spine, easing pain associated with muscles that may be pulling or pinching nerves, improving motion in joints such as the shoulder joint, and helping you maintain an active lifestyle without additional injury.

The shoulder joint is one of the most mobile joints in our body, which means it’s also more prone to injury. Chiropractic care can be used to help reduce inflammation and pain associated with conditions such as bursitis or rotator cuff injuries. Chiropractic massage therapy not only reduces pain but helps break down scar tissue that may have formed over time into chronic problems. Chiropractors are also trained in spinal alignment, and how different parts of the spine affect other areas like your neck, back, hips, and shoulders, so they know exactly what you need for a full recovery from an injury.

Another common ailment treated by chiropractors is tendonitis. This ailment happens when the tissues connected to the bones are inflamed and cause pain to a person. There are cases that this is so extreme that your shoulder will lose its function and become immobile because you feel extreme pain when you try to move it. Studies also show that more than 4 million adults in the United States seek treatment for this kind of ailment. Chiropractors can design a specific treatment plan for you. After the examination, your chiropractor will reduce the inflammation through massage, and will most likely continue with joint manipulation, stretching exercises, and strengthening activities.

What will happen on my first visit to a chiropractor?

As mentioned above, a comprehensive physical examination is required first and foremost so that your chiropractor can proceed to a treatment plan. Once the results of the exam are back, the chiropractor will then suggest a course of action. This may include medication or physical therapy, which is tailored for your needs and lifestyle. Physical therapies are used to relieve pain, increase mobility, improve range of motion, and strengthen the surrounding muscles to keep you strong on your shoulder. If more treatments are needed, such as surgery, it must be understood that these cases are few, but they do exist. Patients need to consult their chiropractor before deciding about their care plan to properly complement their situation.

What are the best exercises that chiropractors recommend to avoid shoulder pain?

Many Chiropractors recommend the following shoulder exercises for their patients:

Upright Row – This exercise focuses on strengthening and tightening your upper back muscles. Stand with a slight bend in your knees, feet together, arms extended to both sides at waist height. Keep elbows close to the body and bring hands up until they are overhead, reaching as high as possible while pulling shoulders down and retracting scapula (this will tighten or “squeeze” them). generic provigil manufacturers Then release slowly, returning to the starting position. Do three sets of ten repetitions each day.

Overhead Press – With weight lifting poles or dumbbells, stand upright, holding it against your chest with palms facing outwards. Slowly push weights straight above the head, keeping knees and hips straight. Return to starting position by slowly lowering weights back down as close to the chest as possible, keeping elbows pointing outwards towards sides of the head. Do three sets of ten repetitions each day.

Underhand Row – Stand upright holding a weight or dumbbell with palms facing body at waist height in front of the upper thigh while bending knees slightly. Pull shoulder blades together (retracting scapula) before extending arms overhead, pushing the weight up until it is aligned over your head approximately parallel with the ground just above shoulder level without fully locking elbow joint first (this will strengthen). Slowly return arm from overhead position to start position by pulling lower hand downwards and then releasing so that it swings around the heel of top hand grasping for wrist behind the back. Do three sets of ten repetitions each day.

Chin Tuck – Sitting up straight, tucking the chin in towards chest while pressing back of neck to the floor (this will shorten the spinal column) and then slowly releasing arching spine upwards into starting position without leaning head forwards or backward when coming up from the lowered state. Repeat this exercise for five minutes every day until you can do it comfortably with no pain before adding on more time or repetition exercises per day.

For you to be able to manage your pain and even recover from it, schedule a treatment now. Chiropractic treatment is designed to find the root cause and source of your discomfort and pain and to treat and remove its causes. Whether or not shoulder impingement is causing your shoulder pain or if chronic neck tension has taken its toll on the frequency of the pain you feel on your shoulders, our chiropractor will find out what’s wrong and get you back up and running as soon as possible! Check out Knight Chiropractic & Functional health so you can be provided with relief before things worsen! If you’re uncertain of the origin of your pain, we can work with you to determine a diagnosis and create a care plan just for you.

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