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September 4, 2023

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The first settlers to the Tomball area emigrated from Europe in the mid-nineteenth century, bringing with them optimism for a brighter future and a burning desire for liberty.

Tomball is in the center of Harris County. It’s a tiny hamlet nestled among the city of Houston that is regarded as part of Greater Houston. Tomball has roughly 7 square kilometers and a population of about 30,000 people.

Early on, the fertile soil made excellent farmland for farmers. Cotton was among the first crops planted in Tomball. In 1870, the International and Great Northern Railroad Company constructed a railway line that passed through Tomball. Several years after that, a railway station was erected in Tomball.

Tomball is home to a number of well-known firms and industry giants, including Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Wal-Mart Distribution Center (a Sam’s Club operation), FCI Concrete Pipe, PCL Construction Services Inc., and First Transit, Nicor Gas, Ecolab, and other companies.

Tomball has a hospital with improved state-of-the-art medical facilities on Market Street. 

Places to Visit in Tomball, TX

With its galleries, boutiques, and restaurants, Tomball’s Downtown is sure to pique your interest.

Take a walk down Tomball’s Main Street, better known as Town Center Boulevard or Hwy 105, and discover something for everyone. Visit Burroughs Park’s 320 acres of water to fish, hang out an observation blind, or take in the lovely scenery.

 Food and Entertainment

At The Grillhouse, you can enjoy a delectable dinner. This modern Texas eatery serves items like bison steak with an extensive wine list to complement it. They also have a great variety of Texas brewed beers on offer.

Also, pay a visit to The White Hart Cafe and Market. Since 1985, this modest restaurant has been providing the greatest breakfast and lunch selections in the area.

For entertainment, Tomball has it all, from live music places to charming cafés. Also, give The Tomball Bingo Palace a shot. Here you may have fun playing bingo and other games while chowing down on snacks or drinking alcohol.

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